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A Luxurious property on the bank of Mother Ganga in Cultural Capital of India, Varanasi.
Tent City Varanasi
Accommodation in Tents
  • It has different categories of beautifully designed Tents suitable for all seasons of the year.
  • Beautifully Located on bank of Ganga River
  • Best suitable to visit all Ghats, Baba Vishwanath Temple & Ganga Aarti by boat
Packages & Rates Range
  • We have 1 Night & 2 Nights Packages to suite requirement of every visitor.
  • We have Stay only Packages as well as Packages including all meals (Vegetarian), Stay, Cultural Activities, Ganga Aarti & sightseeing, etc. as per our itinerary.
  • Package rate starts with 8,000+GST (Breakfast only) &15,000+GST for all inclusive 1 Night packages, Per Couple.
Facilties we provide
  • Floating Kund for Ganga Snan
  • Multicuisine Pure Veg Food
  • Ganga Aarti
  • Boat Tour along the Ganga – Ghat Darshan
  • Cultural Program
  • Luxury Stay on the Bank of River Ganga
  • Conference Hall
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Niraan - The Tent City Varanasi
Accommodation in Cottages
  • It has different categories of beautifully designed Cottages cum tents for memorable, comfortable and relaxing stay.
  • Beautifully Located on bank of Ganga River.
  • River facing cottages are great experience for nature lovers.
Packages & Rates Range
  • We have 1 Night/2 Days & 2 Nights/ 3 Days Packages to suite requirement of every visitor.
  • Our Packages include All meals (Vegetarian), Stay, Resort Amenities, Sightseeing, etc.
  • Package rate starts with 15,000+GST & 30,000+GST for 1 Night & 2 Night packages respectively, for a couple.
Facilties we provide
  • Cafe & Swimming pool
  • Gymnasium
  • Conference Hall
  • Club House with Outdoor Sports
  • Adventure Sports
  • VIP Darshan at Kashi Vishwanath Temple
  • Evening Ganga Aarti by boat
  • Transfer by Boat from Namo Ghaat
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Attractions & Experience

Shri Kashi Vishwanath Temple

The Kashi Vishwanath Temple is a famous Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is located in Vishwanath Gali of Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh in India. The temple stands on the western bank of the holy river Ganga, and is one of the twelve Jyotirlingas, the holiest of Shiva temples. The main deity is known by the names Shri Vishwanath and Vishweshwara literally meaning Lord of the Universe. Varanasi was called Kashi in ancient times, and hence the temple is popularly called Kashi Vishwanath Temple.

Dashashwamedh Ghat

Dashashwamedh Ghat is a main ghat in Varanasi on the Ganga River in Uttar Pradesh. It is located close to Vishwanath Temple and is probably the most spectacular ghat. Two Hindu legends are associated with it: according to one, Brahma created it to welcome Shiva, and in another, Brahma sacrificed ten horses during Dasa-Ashwamedha yajna performed here. The present ghat was built by Peshwa Balaji Baji Rao in the year 1748. A few decades later, Ahilyabahi Holkar, the Queen of Indore, rebuilt the ghat in the year 1774.

Ganga Aarti

Watching Evening Aarti Ceremony is must once in a lifetime experience. The fantastic occasion should be seen from the Dasawamedh Ghat, where wonderful ceremonies unfurl themselves before your eyes. Metal lights of enormous sizes are utilized during this occasion, which is joined by serenades and hordes of individuals standing by to supplicate. Visit essentially an hour prior to the Aarti to assemble the involvement with its ideal. Right now, you can observer how five raised boards are set at the edge of the means of the Ghats and metal lights are cleaned and prepared for the event. It is likewise intriguing to see how priests wear indistinguishable dhotis and kurta for supplication and Aarti ceremony. The people who wish to click pictures from their cameras ought to visit the Ghats in evening boats, as this will permit one to catch everything in consideration without any problem. These brass lights are very weighty, right around four and half kilograms in weight. Hence, ensure you convey one provided that you can hold it in the groups. When they are lit, marvelous pictures are framed. The night sky sparkles with brilliance of these lights while incense sticks will fill the environment with smell of various kinds. The Aarti ceremony is played out each evening and a brief custom is held for something very similar. The standard time it is 6: 45 PM.

Assi Ghat

Assi Ghat is the southernmost ghat in Varanasi. It is one of the biggest ghats of Varanasi and most popular one. To most visitors to Varanasi, it is known for being a place where long-term foreign students, researchers, and tourists live. Assi Ghat is one of the ghats often visited for recreation and during festivals. On typical days about 300 people visit every hour in the mornings, and on festival days 2500 people arrive per hour. Most of the people visiting the ghat on usual days are students from the nearby Banaras Hindu University. The ghat accommodates about 22,500 people at once during festivals like Shivratri.[3] During iconic Dev Deepawali festival, more than 600,000 tourists visit the ghat. There are a lot of activities for tourists to engage in at the ghat. Visitors can go for boat rides, go up in a hot-air balloon for an aerial view of Assi ghat, enjoy the daily talent show in the evening or eat at one of the many restaurants and cafes in the area.
Hindus believe that it was at Assi Ghat that Tulsidas left for his heavenly abode.

Ganga Snan

River Ganges is considered to the holiest Hindu River. Legends propose that taking a dunk in the heavenly waters here will offer salvation of sins and cleaning of the spirit. As a matter of fact, the strict texts of Hinduism generally recommend that one ought to get a salvation by washing in River Ganges to clean all transgressions collected in ebb and flow or past births. Taking a dunk or washing in the heavenly waters of Ganges is one of the significant activities in Varanasi. The river's exemplification is Ganga, the senior sister of Goddess Parvati, spouse of Lord Shiva. It is said that Ganga came to earth for giving salvation to 60000 predecessors. She came to earth as human, however her falling power is supposed to be huge to the point that Lord Shiva needed to hold her in his tangled hair and he was the person who eventually delivered her as river. The river, related to Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh is consequently adored by Hindus. Varanasi has 84 Ghats and their means lead to the River Ganges. The Ghats can be gotten to effectively and utilized for plunging or washing up in Ganga. To supplement this, explorers are prescribed to settle on boat rides, which will assist you with acquiring knowledge into the way of life and verifiable meaning of the mystical river.

Sarnath Buddhist Temple

Only few kilometers from Varanasi, is the sluggish town of Singhpur. While Varanasi is a Hindu strict focus, Singhpur's Sarnath is a Buddhist focus of religion. Visit to this town, which is known for its Buddhist landmarks, is perhaps of the best thing to do in Varanasi and close by regions. Sarnath is likewise alluded to a deer park, which is where Gautama Buddha initially came and showed about the idea of Dharma. This is where Buddhist Sangha got edification. It is situated in Singhpur, known as the origination of Shreyansanath, the 11th Tirthankara in Jainism. Sarnath is surely one of the most amazing spots close to Varanasi, particularly for the people who are quick to find out about history and religion in India. It is where Head Ashoka raised various stupas and landmarks for spreading Buddhism. The disintegrating stupas here are a place of relics, compositions and interesting engravings that can show one a ton of Indian history, improvement of Buddhism and give elective hypotheses, for example, Outsiders and how they visited the earth. A visit to Sarnath is normally for a portion of a day and starts promptly in the first part of the day. During the morning, one can delight in the magnificence of Chaukhandi Stupa, which is one of the fundamental stupas worked by Ashoka after he changed over into Buddhism. It is supposed to be the home of enormous number of relics that were uncovered from Sarnath. The lion capital of Ashoka Point of support, which highlights on Indian symbol, is additionally displayed here.

Ramnagar Fort

A well known fortification, Ramnagar Fort is situated in Varanasi. It is one of the most outstanding puts to see on a dull evening. The fortification on the eastern bank of River Ganges is known for its cream hued Chunar Sandstone, which gives it a solid, modern appearance. In spite of the fact that, it isn't so old as expected forts in the country, it is famous all over the planet for its solid, luxurious appearance. The entrancing construction is one of the most incredible spots for travelers and history buffs. Worked by Raja Balwant Singh in 1750, this palace is the best portrayal of Mughal style of design. It highlights cut galleries, structures and open yards, which is related with summer resorts, royal residences and forts of Mughal. The fort has been the home of the Maharaja and afterward his youngsters. Right now, Anant Narayan Singh is the inhabitant and possesses it regardless of the canceling of Illustrious title in 1971. The fort is frequently utilized for open air shooting areas of different movies and has a historical center, which grandstands strange and uncommon assortment of rare vehicles from America alongside ivory work, car seats, brilliant and silver carts looking like lotus and elephant saddles made of lovely plans. It additionally includes an ordnance corridor that shows swords and firearms from around the world.

Jantar Mantar

Welcoming all science darlings, visiting Jantar Mantar is perhaps of the most charming thing to do in Varanasi for every one of the inquisitive spirits. The authentic fascination was worked in 1737 by Maharaja Jai Singh II of Golden and in prior times used to quantify things like neighborhood time, elevation, the place of sun, planets and stars. It is one of the sunlight based observatories in India, the other being in Delhi, Jaipur, Ujjain and Mathura. All set of experiences buffs here will be captivated to see different instruments utilized in antiquated space science like DishaYantra, DiganshaYantra, Dhruva Yantra, Prakash Yantra, Smash Yantra, KrantivrittaYantra, and SamratYantra.

Tulsi Manas Temple

With its walls elegantly carved with the verses of Ramayana in Hindi, this temple is dedicated to Lord Rama in Varanasi. Built in white marble, it is encompassed by scenic surroundings of lush green gardens. The temple which was built in 1964 has a special place in hearts of the devotees who wish to learn about the famous Hindu epic that was written by Tulsidas.  It also has a museum where you can see a stunning collection of manuscripts that pertain to the Ramayana and other artefacts. Visiting the temple is one of the most refreshing things to do in Varanasi if you want to indulge in prayers and meditation as well. 

Banaras Hindu University

Banaras Hindu University is an internationally reputed temple of learning, situated in the holy city of Varanasi. This creative and innovative university was founded by the great nationalist leader, Pandit Madan Mohan Malviya, in 1916, through close cooperation with great personalities like Dr Annie Besant, who viewed it as the University of India. Banaras Hindu University was created under the Parliamentary legislation-B.H.U. Act 1915.

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